Javier’s Newport Beach

Javier’s Newport Beach

Newport Beach is also the most perfect destination to enjoy dinner and the other meal times. It is like you have never had before. Besides to the great attractions and various activities which will keep you occupied. Javier’s Newport Beach is definitely among the top places to eat in this area. What’s so great about it? Let’s check it out.

Romantic Things to Do in Newport Beach

Javier’s Newport Beach

There is a great place to eat in Newport Beach (especially Javier’s Newport Beach). Before explaining it, it is a good idea to talk about some great things to do in this destination. You can find some of the information from Minute Directory.

In this article, I want to talk further about this place. It is urged to do so to make you feel more convinced that this destination is perfect for you. And now, I’m going to focus on the things to do to heat up the romance between you and your lover. There are two options for you to do it: paid one and the free one.

You might willing to spend some money to have a great romantic moment with your special person. I recommend you to have yacht charter. Without any doubt, it’s going to be filled with nonstop romance. There are no couples who can resist saying bad things about it. During the cruise tour on the yacht, a fantastic view will keep spoiling you. And don’t forget how there are also some other things to do while on the boat. For example, ask your loved one to enjoy a romantic dinner with you.

If you’re eager to set up everything more perfectly, check out the upcoming events held at Newport Beach. For instance, you know a great music concert is going to be held soon. Go there when the concert is playing and ride the yacht. The sensation of watching the concert above the sea is awesome. It is like flooding you with abundant romance.

What about the free one? This one is simple and is so good to be done on the first date. Ask your crush to come with you to walk on the beach. It will work like a charm to make him/her fall for you and it’s thanks to the beauty found around the beach.

Hotel Restaurants Newport Coast

Alright, enough with the romance and lovey-dovey. It’s time to think about your tummy. I know the title of this article is about Javier’s Newport Beach which (if you haven’t known about it). It is one of the best places to eat when you’re in Newport Beach area. But, it doesn’t seem to be enough if I’m going to talk about one single restaurant. So, let me tell you some other alternatives for the restaurant but I promise you, I’m going to focus on Javier’s later.

The first place I’d like to mention is Newport Landing restaurant. What’s so great about this restaurant is its location. It’s placed right in the peninsula which makes it so strategic and stunning. It is not exaggerating to say that you’re going to enjoy some meal time in heaven once you’re in this restaurant. Due to the views around the restaurant, many people are having their great time to take some pictures. Then, they upload them to their Instagram accounts. But, of course, it’s not all because the foods there are so great especially the seafood menus.

Second, Ill Farro Italian restaurant. Traditional Italian dishes are included in the menus. It will spoil your tongue and palate without any doubt. And like the previous option, you’re eyeing are going to be endlessly enjoying the view. The restaurant is located above the water.

And now, it’s time for the finale, Javier restaurant in Newport Beach. Ah, thinking about this restaurant makes me drool. Well, how can you resist Mexican foods? It’s next to impossible, right?

The fresh dishes which fuse Mexican style. Various seafood is what makes this restaurant different. For the beverage, a wide variation of wine is available. Or you may feel like enjoying margarita to go with your dinner?

All those things are more than enough to make this restaurant highly recommended. However, it’s quite unfortunate that you may need to make reservations first. Especially, during peak holiday season. Make your great experience memorable dinner moment at Javier’s.

Javier’s Newport Beach
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